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Editorial Services for Commercial Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fiction

Welcome to my Editorial Services

You have written a novel and are wondering, "What now"?

You found an old manuscript in your drawer and are thinking about taking another shot at it? You're contemplating your next steps, maybe even self-publishing? This may be the time to consider hiring a freelance editor. A professional editor can help you take your manuscript to the next level and turn it into the best version it can be before you pursue the submission process or self-publication.

As a former literary agent I know what it takes to get a manuscript in shape for agents, editors, and readers. I can identify plot and writing issues, give you objective and constructive feedback, and offer you my helping hand on your journey to publication.

My comments and editorial feedback will not only help make your current manuscript stronger, but – implemented in future projects – also stay with you over the course of your entire writing career. So it really is money well invested.

(If you'd like me to edit your German-language manuscript, please visit me over  at www.lektorat-jaw.de.)

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