Frequently Asked Questions

Genres: I accept any genre for line editing. For content edits, my expertise lies in commercial fiction. I particularly enjoy working on Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Crime Fiction, and Psychological Thrillers. Should you be looking for someone to provide content editing for non-fiction, literary fiction, or fiction that does not fall into the genres mentioned above, I recommend you seek another editor who specializes in said genres. 

Time frame: Turnaround times depend on manuscript length and quality. Based on my schedule, you'll be given a specific delivery date for my edits at the time of the booking. For a full edit, please expect a turnaround time of approx. 4 weeks. I'm happy to provide an "express" edit if needed (and possible at the time), but this would be subject to a surcharge (guaranteed 3-week turnaround time = +15%, guaranteed 2-week turnaround time = +25%, guaranteed 1-week turnaround time = +35%) and needs to be discussed and agreed to ahead of time.

Sample Edit: I am happy to provide a free test edit of the first five pages of your manuscript based on the service you're interested in pursuing. You can then decide whether you'd like to hire me. If you're unsure which editorial service to go for, my sample edit will most likely give you an idea where your manuscript may have room for improvement. Please note that this service is only available to those interested in a full edit.

Format: Please format your manuscript as follows: double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides, half-inch indent for a new paragraph, numbered pages, page break after the end of a chapter, 12pt Times New Roman.

Editing Process: It's easy to miss typos and inconsistencies on the screen, which is why I print out your material and edit on paper before transferring all my notes and corrections to your MS Word document, using track changes.

Custom: I'm happy to discuss other services or packages with you according to your needs.

German-language manuscripts:  If you'd like me to edit your German-language manuscript, please visit me over at www.lektorat-jaw.de

Self-publishing: If you're already planning to self-publish your work, and you'd like me to be by your side during the entire editorial process, please let me know early on, so we can work out a schedule and the rate.

Proofreading: While I will correct all typos and punctuation mistakes I come across, I am not a proofreader. I recommend hiring a professional proofreader before self-publishing your manuscript in order to ensure your project is of the highest quality possible.

Fact-checking: I will not check any technical, historical, geographical, or other specific facts mentioned in your manuscript. I will, however, point out any obvious mistakes, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies I come across. Any fact-checking (within my capabilities) is subject to a surcharge and needs to be discussed and agreed to ahead of time.

Scheduling: Once you've decided to hire me, we will agree on the time of your editing slot. Given my busy schedule, I recommend securing your slot as early as possible. While I'm usually able to schedule Query Letter Critiques and Partial Edits at short notice, more time-consuming full edits should ideally be scheduled 1-4 months in advance. That said, I may be able to offer you a slot straight away (depending on my availability). It never hurts to ask.

Rescheduling: Should you, for any reason, need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss pushing back your project to a slot that's convenient for both of us.

Pricing: My fee depends on the length of your manuscript and the type of edit you choose. Please take a look at the specific editorial services on my website for further information.

Payment: My preferred method of payment is PayPal, with payment made half up front when the manuscript is submitted and the remaining half upon receipt of my edits. If this is a problem for you, just get in touch with me and we can discuss other options. In any case, I'll email you the invoices when payments are due.

Freelance Editorial Agreement: I have a standard Freelance Editorial Agreement which spells out the nature and terms of the agreement between you (the author) and me (the editor). Its purpose is to prevent any misunderstandings. (n/a for Query Critiques)

After the Edit: I'm happy to clarify any unclear comments or answer any questions you may have. Should you like me to review your revisions, that's a second pass, and will be subject to a new booking. Please check the editorial service you're interested in for my discounted rates for second and third passes.

Guarantee: Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that working with me (or any other editor) will get you signed or published, or that it'll make your novel an instant bestseller. My goal is to help you turn your work into the strongest manuscript it can be, but how you implement my feedback is up to you. That said, I hope that my editorial feedback will stay with you and thus help you over your entire writing career.