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Series Bible

This service helps you keep track of your different characters and/or settings throughout your series. A series bible includes everything you need to avoid continuity errors in your sequels:

  • detailed timelines of events and characters' lives
  • setting details
  • character facts
  • character descriptions
  • character personalities
  • character backstories
  • family trees
  • world building
  • other details that apply specifically to your world and/or story

I will provide colour-coded lists and charts. Please note that this service does not include any content or line editing; of course, the series bible will highlight any inconsistencies I stumble upon. 

This service is perfect for those who have written a first book (or several books) in a series and need help keeping track of all their characters, locations, and timelines without having to flip through every page of what they have written so far. It also guarantees you won't create any continuity errors should you decide to change any details during a revision at a later point. 

To keep my pricing as transparent as possible, I do not charge on an hourly basis. Instead, the total fee for this service will be made up of a flat fee + a per-word rate. 



$0.006 per word + $250 (for book 1 in the series) 

$0.003 per word + $200 (ffor book 2 in the series)

                              $250 (for any subsequent book in the series)

Example 1:

Book 1 = 75,000 words → $450 + $250 = $700

Book 2 = 75,000 words → $225 + $200 = $425

  ↠ in this case, a detailed series bible for those two books would come to a total of $1,125. 

Example 2:

Book 1 = 75,000 words → $450 + $250 = $700

Book 2 = 75,000 words → $225 + $200 = $425

Book 3 =                                      flat fee = $250

Book 4 =                                      flat fee = $250

↠ in this case, a detailed series bible for those four books would come to a total of $1,625.


This is quite a time-consuming service where I have to pay attention to every detail. That's why the turnaround time will depend on the length of your manuscript(s), the number of your characters, and the complexity of your world. I am happy to discuss the fastest possible turnaround time with you, but please be advised that I won't be able to offer an "express service" (guaranteed turnaround between one and three weeks) for this editorial service. 

If you have any further questions, please take a look at my FAQs or contact me. 

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