Line Edit

Line Edit

The Line Edit focuses on the writing itself. Its aim is to help you make your writing stronger and tighter. I will look at


  • Sentence Structure
  • Word Choice
  • Voice
  • General Style
  • Overused Words
  • Use of Adverbs
  • Use of Description
  • Repetitions
  • Consistency
  • Unnatural Dialogue
  • Flow
  • Confusing Sentences
  • Balance of Action, Narrative, and Dialogue

The Line Edit looks at every single sentence and includes a lot of in-document mark-ups and comments, deletions, and insertions (using MS Word's track changes). I will not comment on plot or characters.

This is the perfect option for those who are confident that the story itself is already in perfect shape. If not, you might end up having to invest in a second round of line edits following a revision or rewrite. That's why I recommend you wait with the Line Edit until you're happy with the content side of your novel.


Up to 50,000 words: $550 50,001-80,000 words: $675 80,001-100,000 words: $850 100,001 words and up: $1,000

Should you like another Line Edit following your revision, the following discounted rates apply*:

Second Pass: 25% off the initial rate

Third Pass: 35% off the initial rate

(Example for a 60,000-word manuscript: 1st pass = $675, 2nd pass = $506.25, 3rd pass = $438.75; two passes would come to a total of $1,181.25, three passes to $1,620)


*I will need visible MS Word's track changes so I can follow what exactly has changed in your manuscript.

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