Full Macro and Line Edit

Editing by Julia A. Weber


Editorial Services for MG, YA, NA, Romance, Women's Fiction, Crime Fiction, and Psychological Thrillers

Full Macro and Line Edit

This service can be considered the full works and is the most thorough option on offer. It looks at both content and writing, thus giving you the most in-depth feedback imagineable with only one round of editing.

The Macro Edit provides an in-depth analysis of all your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses in regards to:


  • Plot and Plot Holes
  • Characterization and Character Arc
  • Dialogue
  • POVs
  • Voice
  • Setting
  • Pacing
  • Continuity and Inconsistencies

The Line Edit focuses on the writing itself. Its aim is to help you make your writing stronger and tighter. I will look at


  • Sentence Structure
  • Word Choice
  • Voice
  • General Style
  • Overused Words
  • Use of Adverbs
  • Use of Description
  • Repetitions
  • Consistency
  • Unnatural Dialogue
  • Flow
  • Confusing Sentences
  • Balance of Action, Narrative, and Dialogue

I will provide in-document mark-ups and comments, deletions, and insertions (using MS Word's Track Changes) as well as an editorial letter.

This service is perfect for those who want to fit as much feedback as possible into one round of editing.


Up to 50,000 words: $675 50,001-65,000 words: $775 65,001-80,000 words: $875 80,001-100,000 words: $975 100,001-125,000 words: $1,050 125,001 words and up: $1,175

Should you like another Full Macro and Line Edit following your revision, the following discounted rates apply*:

Second Pass: 30% off the initial rate / Third Pass: 50% off the initial rate

*I will need visible MS Word's track changes so I can follow what exactly has changed in your manuscript. If you'd like a different follow-up service, just get in touch for a specific rate.

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