First Chapter Critique

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First Chapter Critique (up to 20 pages)

While many agents only ask for a query in their submission guidelines, there are also plenty of agents and editors who want to get a sense of the writing. The first chapter gives them a first impression of your writing style and voice, and helps them see if the story and characters grab their attention. Agents and editors often read hundreds of opening chapters each year, which makes it all the more important for your first chapter to stand out for all the right reasons.

The First Chapter Critique is an evaluation of the manuscript's opening chapter/ first 20 pages and outlines the strengths and weaknesses in regards to plot, characterization, voice, world building, pacing, etc. The critique will be returned to you in form of an editorial letter and also includes in-document comments, deletions, and insertions.

This service also includes a Query Letter Critique (one pass).

Rates: $75; $100 incl. a second pass; line edits will be an extra $20

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